Branson Area: Boost Your Water’s Benefits with Detox Fruit Water

“Drink more water” – it’s a recommendation we hear often, from a variety of different sources, and with good reason. Water is a key component for our general health, and getting enough of it throughout busy days can be a challenge. This is partly the reason detox waters, or fruit-infused waters, have grown in popularity.

What is Fruit-Infused Water?

Also known simply as infused water or detox water, fruit-infused water refers to any number of fruit, vegetable, or herb combinations with water. The most common and popular infused water is lemon water, as it has a wide appeal, is generally simple to make, and easily available. It’s as simple as it sounds – add the juice

Cucumber is also a common ingredient to add to infused waters, as is mint, other forms of citrus like grapefruit or orange, berries, and even certain spices like cayenne.  The sky is really the limit when it comes to infused water, as you can add just about any fruit or vegetable you fancy to water to give it an extra fancy, and delicious, touch.

Benefits of Drinking Infused Water

The benefits of infused water often run the wellness spectrum from better skin and complexion, to improved kidney and liver function. Some enthusiasts attest to its anti-aging properties, while others praise the benefits drinking infused or detox waters can provide for the immune system. The reality is that many of these benefits can’t really be separated from the benefits of simply drinking enough water (whether it’s been infused with add-ons or not).

Some fruits, herbs, and vegetables may add extra anti-inflammatory or antibiotic qualities to water, but there isn’t much scientific research to support that the benefits these kinds of waters provide anything beyond what you’d already be getting just from the hydration itself.

Why You Should Try It

What does benefit you? Drinking more water. That much science, and our bodies, have known for a while. So in our book, anything that gets you drinking your recommended water allowance for the day (for an average adult, target eight, eight-ounce glasses every 24 hrs) is a good thing.

And if infusing your water with watermelon or blackberries and mint gets you more excited about drinking more water, that’s a win, too. Another good way to get yourself drinking more water is to start with clean, pure water — like the water from a [dealer-url page=”product-reverse-osmosis”] Culligan water filtration system.

You’ll likely notice the difference immediately, both in taste and performance around your house (if you opt for a whole-home filtration system). So when you start with fresher, filtered water, not only is your regular water likely to be more appealing, it will enhance the flavor and taste of anything you make with it, from infused water to coffee, tea, or your favorite home recipes.

However you help yourself stay hydrated, there’s a Culligan solution to help you get there. For more ideas on infused water recipes, water filtration systems, or to learn more, contact your local Culligan of Branson Area today.

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